Agustín Alberdi

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Agustín Alberdi
Occupation(s) Music video director
Associated acts Babasónicos, Gustavo Cerati, Julieta Venegas
Website Landia Producciones

Agustín Alberdi is a Latin Grammy Award-winner music video director. Alberdi is the director of the production company Landia, which ranked at number 10 in the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival in 2009. Landia presented short-films to advertise Coca-Cola and Stella Artois.[1] For Stella Artois, Alberdi directed the TV commercials "Triple Train" and "Smooth Originals";[2][3] and "Island" for Diesel.[4]

Alberdi received a nomination for a Gardel Award in 2003 for his work directing "Dónde Vas" ("Where Are You Going?") by singer Dante Spinetta.[5] The following year Alberdi was awarded the Gardel for Best Music Video for "Irresponsables" ("Irresponsible") by Argentinean band Babasónicos.[6] In 2008, Alberdi directed "Odio por Amor", the fourth single of La Vida... Es Un Ratico by Juanes. The music video was shot on a military base near Buenos Aires, Argentina on a twelve-hour session on location in Morón, with Juanes being shown driving a toy car, travelling through the world collecting flags from different countries.[7]

Alberti directed the music video "Pijamas" for Babasónicos, for which they received a Latin Grammy Award nomination for Best Short Form Music Video.[8][9] Alberdi, along with Luigi Ghidotti, also directed "Microdancing" for Babasónicos.[10]

Alberdi was awarded the Latin Grammy for Best Short Form Music Video for "Bien o Mal" performed by Mexican singer-songwriter Julieta Venegas, a video that "takes feminity to a strange place" according to Venegas.[11] Alberdi also directed "Despedida" for Venegas, with locations on Tandil, Argentina, and Isidro Fabela, Mexico.[12] Alberdi said about the video that it has "multiple meanings, so that each viewer can watch it and attach to it his or her personal feelings."[12]


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