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For the Geonim sage, see Achai Gaon. For the Amora sages see: Rabbi Aha or Aha b. Jacob or Aha b. Raba.

R. Ahai (Hebrew: רב אחאי‎, read as Rav Achai; sometimes recorded as R. Aha, Hebrew: רב אחא, read as Rav Acha) was a Jewish Savora sage of the first generation of the Savora era. R. Ahai is the most recorded Savora sage in the Babylonian Talmud. His thorough questions in the Talmud are excerpted as a foreword: "R. Ahai retorted:...".[1] The sages of the Land of Israel said of him:

"Give heed to the opinion of R. Ahai for he enlightens the eyes of the exile."[2]

As to his exact identification and period, there are number of premises.


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