Ahmed Hamdi Tunnel

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Ahmed Hamdi Tunnel
Ahmed Hamdi Tunnel - West entry.jpg
West entry to the Ahmed Hamdi Tunnel
LocationSuez Canal
StartSinai Peninsula
ConstructedTarmac Construction
No. of lanes2
Location of Ahmed Hamdi Tunnel that goes under the Suez canal
Location of Ahmed Hamdi Tunnel that goes under the Suez canal
Location of Ahmed Hamdi Tunnel

The Ahmed Hamdi Tunnel is a 1640 metre long car tunnel under the Suez Canal, at Shallufa. The tunnel is named after Ahmed Hamdi, an Egyptian engineer and general killed in action during the October War. It has two lanes of traffic, one in each direction, and connects the Asian Sinai Peninsula to the town of Suez on the African mainland.[1]


It was originally constructed as a shield tunnel by Tarmac Construction in November 1981.[2] In 1992, the Japanese government granted aid to a project aimed at rehabilitating the tunnel which had developed leaks. It is 1.63 km long and has an outside diameter of 11.6 m.[3] The tunnel reaches a maximum depth of 51 m (167 feet) below ground level.[4]

Significant developments in the region[edit]

The tunnel was part of a major drive to develop the areas surrounding the Suez Canal, including other projects such as the Suez Canal overhead line crossing (completed in 1998), the El Ferdan Railway Bridge, and the Suez Canal Bridge (completed in 2001).

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Coordinates: 30°5′33″N 32°34′16″E / 30.09250°N 32.57111°E / 30.09250; 32.57111 (Ahmed Hamdi Tunnel)