Ahmedabad Duronto Express

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Ahmedabad Mumbai Central Duronto Express
12267 Duronto Express - Trainboard.jpg
Service type Duronto Express
First service 24 December 2009
Current operator(s) Western Railway
Start Mumbai Central
Stops 2
End Ahmedabad Junction
Distance travelled 490.84992 km (305.00000 mi)
Average journey time 6 hours, 20 minutes
Service frequency daily
On-board services
Class(es) AC 1st Class, AC 2 tier, AC 3 tier, AC 3 tier economy
Seating arrangements No
Sleeping arrangements Yes
Catering facilities No
Observation facilities LHB/ICF combination Rake
Rolling stock 2
Track gauge Broad - 1,676 mm (5 ft 6 in)
Operating speed 77.248512 km/h (48 mph) (Average Speed)

The Ahmedabad Mumbai Central Duronto Express is a superfast express train of the Indian Railways connecting Mumbai Central (BCT) to Ahmedabad Junction (ADI). It is currently being operated with 12267 / 12268 train numbers.

Coach Composition[edit]

The rake has 6 AC 3 tier economy coaches, 5 AC 3 tier Coaches, 3 AC 2 tier Coaches, 1 AC First Class and 2 EOG Cars making a total of 17 coaches. As is customary with Indian Railways, coaches are added/removed as per the demand.


It is the fastest train on the Mumbai – Ahmedabad sector. It averages 76.52 km/hr as 12267 Duronto Express covering 491 km in 6 hrs 30 mins & 78.56 km/hr as 12268 Duronto Express covering 491 km in 6 hrs 15 mins.

Train Details[edit]

This train had its inaugural run on 24 December 2009. It was initially a 3 days a week service. Later it became a daily train.

It is a fully AC train & uses Old ICF rakes.


Dual traction WCAM 2/2P locos would haul the train between Mumbai Central & Ahmedabad Junction until at least March 2012 although Western Railway completed DC Electric Conversion to AC on 5 February 2012. It is now regularly hauled by a Vadodara based WAP 5 locomotive.

Technical Stoppages: None

12267 Ahmedabad Duronto Express at Ahmedabad railway station
AC 1st Class coach - 12267 Ahmedabad Duronto Express
12267 Duronto Express - AC 3 tier economy coach


  • 12267 DURONTO EXPRESS Mumbai Central - Ahmedabad
Station Code Station name Arrival Departure Distance Day Frequency
BCT Mumbai Central --:-- 23:25 0 1 Daily
ADI Ahmedabad 05:55 --:-- 491 km (305 mi) 2
  • 12268 DURONTO EXPRESS Ahmedabad - Mumbai Central
Station Code Station name Arrival Departure Distance Day Frequency
ADI Ahmedabad --:-- 23:45 0 1 Daily
BCT Mumbai Central 06:00 --:-- 491 km (305 mi) 2

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