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Studio album by Habib Wahid
Released June 1, 2011 (2011-06-01)
Length 40:24
Language Bengali
Label Deadline Music
Habib Wahid chronology
O Bosheshe
Ahoban! Shomorpon

Ahoban! is the 4th solo album by Bangladeshi composer and musician Habib Wahid, and his 8th studio album overall. It was released on June 1, 2011.[1] Sajid Sarker co-produced the album alongside Habib Wahid. The album was released exclusively by Banglalink.[1]


Like his other albums, the music of Ahoban! was composed and produced by Habib Wahid. However, mixing and mastering was done by Sajid Sarker, who co-produced the album. The Daily Star described the album as a "big budget" album.[2]


The album was released exclusively by Banglalink through the label Deadline Music. Amadergaan.com was given exclusive rights to distribute the song online.[1]


The album not only was a commercial success, but also gained immense popularity among audiences, The Daily Star reported in their 2011 recap of Bangladeshi music.[2]

Track listing[edit]

All lyrics written by Shaquie Ahmed, Ilias Mollah, Mahbub Mohsin, Shushmita Biswas Shaathi, Ferdous Wahid.

No. Title Lyrics Length
1. "Ahoban" Shaquie Ahmed 5:17
2. "Tumi Je Amar Thikana" (featuring Nancy) Ilias Mollah 5:07
3. "Aar Nei Bhalobasha" Ilias Mollah 4:17
4. "Ki Je Holo Aaj" (featuring Nancy) Ilias Mollah 4:27
5. "Ek Jhaak Paira" Ilias Mollah 4:07
6. "Lukochuri" (featuring Kona) Shaquie Ahmed 3:38
7. "Bhule Jeona Amai" Mahbub Mohsin 4:25
8. "Chokhe Chokhe Ratri Holo" Shushmita Biswas Shaathi 5:11
9. "O Mishty Meye" (performed by Ferdous Wahid) Ferdous Wahid 3:54
Total length: 40:24


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