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2012 Insel Ahrendsberg.JPG
Ahrendsberg seen from the island of Poel
Karte Wismarer Bucht.svg
Ahrendsberg in the Bay of Wismar
Location Baltic Sea
Coordinates 53°57′58″N 11°28′05″E / 53.966°N 11.468°E / 53.966; 11.468Coordinates: 53°57′58″N 11°28′05″E / 53.966°N 11.468°E / 53.966; 11.468
Area 8.6 ha (21 acres)
Length 0.600 km (0.3728 mi)
Width 0.220 km (0.1367 mi)
Population 0

Ahrendsberg is an uninhabited island, 8.6 hectares in area, near the island of Poel in the Breitling, a strait off the Bay of Wismar on the Baltic coast of Germany.

The island, which is roughly 600 metres long and up to 220 metres wide, is dominated by salt meadows with marshy islands and shores that are dissected by creeks. The higher areas are generally very dry and are characterised by stunted vegetation, for example dry, lean grassland with thorn bushes. At the southern tip of the island is a short section of cliff.

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