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Ahu or AHU may refer to:

Polynesian religion[edit]

  • Ahu or a'u - the central stone part of a marae in much of Polynesia
  • Ahu (Easter Island), the stone platforms on Easter Island (on some of which moai used to stand)
  • Ahu, altars in heiau (Hawaiian Temples)



  • Ahu Tuğba (born 1955), Turkish actress
  • Te Ahu Davis (born 1985), New Zealand cricketer
  • Ahu-toru, Tahitian who visited France in the eighteenth century, and travelled part of the way home with du Fresne
  • Alberto Héber Usher (1918–1981), Uruguayan politician, who served as President of Uruguay from March 1, 1966 to March 1, 1967
  • Ahu Türkpençe (born 1977), Turkish actress

Other uses[edit]