Ayni District

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Ayni District
Ноҳияи Айнӣ
Ноҳияи Айнӣ
Location of Ayni District in Tajikistan
Location of Ayni District in Tajikistan
Country  Tajikistan
Province Sughd
Capital Ayni
Time zone TJT (UTC+5)
Postal code 735520
Area code(s) +992 3479
Website http://aini.tj[permanent dead link]

Ayni District, also Aini District (Tajik: Ноҳияи Айнӣ, Nohiyayi Aynī; Persian: ناحیۀ عینی‎‎, Nāhiya-ye 'Ayni), is a district in the southern part of Sughd province, Tajikistan, straddling the middle course of the Zeravshan River. Its capital is the town of Ayni (Tajik: Айнӣ), located on the Zeravshan.[1] Named after the Tajik national poet Sadriddin Ayni (Tajik: Садриддин Айнӣ).

Administrative divisions[edit]

The district is divided administratively into jamoats. They are as follows (and population).[2]

Jamoats of Aini District
Jamoat Population
Urmetan 14849
Dardar 6534
Ayni 12131
Fondaryo 7310
Rarz 8507
Shamtuch 6055
Anzob 7016
Zarafshan 57493


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