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Origin Alytus, Lithuania
Genres Folk rock, Rock, Alternative, Acoustic
Years active 1992–2000, 2002
Website Official website
Past members Darius Mileris Nojus
Asta Milerienė

Airija is a folk-rock band formed in Alytus, Lithuania in September 1992. Irish art and culture have had a great influence on the creation of this group. Name of the group Airija means Ireland in the Lithuanian language.


In 1994 Airija released first album "Yra" (There is), that reached the top 10 of Lithuanian rock. 1995-1996 Airija recorded three more albums: "Čia" (Here), "Yra čia" a live unplugged recording, and "Pasaka" which has kept the band on the top for the five years.

In 1996 the group participated in a joint project with Kaunas Little Theater, called "Photos from the Old Album".[1] The project created a unique mix of acoustic music and theatrical pantomime, which was recognized as the best musical project of the year in Lithuania.

In year 2000 the band suspended activity and members pursued other musical projects. Group was shortly revived in 2002 to celebrate 10th year anniversary of the band.



  • Yra (There is) (1994)
  • Čia (Here) (1995)
  • Yra čia (Is here) (1996)
  • Pasaka (Fairytale) (1996)
  • Naujas (New) (1998)


  • Bravo music awards Discovery of the Year winner, 1993.
  • The Rock Group of the Year in Lithuania, 1995
  • Third place in France MCM for the Best Small Budget Music Video ( song Į save per save).
  • Alytus City Cultural Award, 1997


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