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Industry Aerospace and travel
Founded December 2015
Key people
Ivan Vysotskiy
Alexander Robinson
Luke Hampshire

Airly is an Australian membership-based private travel provider or virtual airline that was founded in December 2015. Airly's 'JetShare' service allows for booking of private jet flights.[1]

Business model[edit]

In order to reduce on-ground delays, Airly operates out of less congested airports. The JetShare app allows for flight and seat availability to be accessed at a varying amount of time prior to the flight, depending on the operator.[1]

Airly's original business model was based on that of California's Surf Air, however with some modifications.[2] It was meant to target frequent fliers and corporate travellers, who could buy an all-you-can-fly subscription for an initial joining cost of $1000 and a payment of $2550 per month for the cheapest membership option.[3] Airly claimed that by using less busy airports and flying a Learjet 45, it would save its members nearly two hours per round trip CBD-to-CBD flying Sydney to Melbourne in comparison to the "commercial airlines,"[4] a blanket term it uses to refer to traditional passenger airlines. Airly has not put this model to practice.


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