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Abu Said Aq Sunqur al-Hajib (also Qasim ad-Dawla or Aksungur al-Hajib) was the Seljuk governor of Aleppo under Sultan Malik Shah I. He was considered the de facto ruler of most of Syria from 1087. He was beheaded in 1094 following accusations of treason by Tutush I, the ruler of Damascus.

Aq-Sunqur was the father of Imad ad-Din Zenki, the founder of the Zengid dynasty. He died when his son Imad was 10 years old.

Aleppo and Hama[edit]

Sultan Malik-Shah I made Aq-Sunqur the governor of Aleppo and Hama and the lands around it in 1087. They were suffering unrest at the time. He subsequently ruled for eight years.

Aleppo before his rule[edit]

Because of the many conflicts between the rulers and princes of the regions, conditions within the city were difficult. A combination of high taxes and gzasods prices led to an increase in crime.[1]


Aq-Sunqur began reforming by fixing the security situation in Aleppo and its environs. He activated the Hudud in Islam, repelling thieves and bandits and stamping out corruption. He increased the use of the police to secure civilian rights. He used the police authority to protect people rather than to control them. Aq-Sunqur created the "principle of collective responsibility" for every village or sector, which meant that if a village was raided by thieves, the whole village shared the responsibility of defending it.[1]

Because of his policy to make order in the city, it became a suitable place for trading and farming, the economy recovered and inflation went down.[citation needed]

Theft protection[edit]

He asked the people to not remove their goods from the road should they travel, stating that he would guarantee that their goods would not be stolen.[1]


Ibn al-Qalanisi said in his book The history of Damascus: that he was just with the people, he protected the roads, guaranteed order, treated religion properly, attacked corruption and removed the bad people.[citation needed]

Ibn Kathir and Ali ibn al-Athir wrote about him and found that he had a good reputation.[citation needed]


Tutush I killed Aq-Sunqur in May 1094.



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Regnal titles
Preceded by
Al Sharif Bin Al Habiby
Sultan of Aleppo
Succeeded by
Tutush I