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Aketi is located in Democratic Republic of the Congo
Location in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
Coordinates: 2°44′N 23°45′E / 2.733°N 23.750°E / 2.733; 23.750Coordinates: 2°44′N 23°45′E / 2.733°N 23.750°E / 2.733; 23.750
Country  Democratic Republic of the Congo
Province Orientale Province
District Bas-Uele District
Territory Aketi Territory
Population (2009)
 • Total 38,588
Time zone Kinshasa Time (UTC+1)
Climate Am
National language Lingala

Aketi is a town in Bas-Uele District, Orientale Province of northern Democratic Republic of the Congo. It is the seat of Aketi Territory. As of 2009 it had an estimated population of 38,588.[1]

The town was called Port-Chaltin during the colonial era after the Belgian officer Louis Napoléon Chaltin. It took its current name in 1971.[2]

Aketi is served by Aketi Airport and connected to the now defunct Vicicongo line, a portage railway.


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