Akkineni Ramesh Prasad

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Akkineni Ramesh Prasad
Other namesA. Ramesh Prasad
ParentL. V. Prasad (father)
RelativesA. Sreekar Prasad (cousin)

Akkineni Ramesh Prasad (born Akkineni Ramesh Prasada Rao) is an Indian businessman, film producer, chairman and Head of Prasad Studios, Prasads IMAX and L V Prasad Eye Institute founded by his father L. V. Prasad.[1] Prasad has served as the president of Film Federation of India during 1988–89.[2] The cinema world honoured him as 'Father of Modern Telugu Cinema' for his contributions to the Telugu film industry. He brought the latest technical equipment to the film-making environment which led to improvement in picture quality, VFX, sound design and more.

He obtained his B.E.M.S degree from United States, and established Prasad Film Labs in Chennai in 1974. Prasad Studios is the largest chain of Indian film post production facilities, with a total of 12 delivery units located in all the major film production centers of India namely Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Thiruvananthapuram, Bhuvaneswar, Kolkata and an overseas presence in Singapore, Dubai and United States.[3]

Prasad Group[edit]

  • Prasad Productions Pvt Ltd
  • Prasad Film Labs
  • Prasad EFX
  • Prasad Video Digital
  • L.V.Prasad Film and TV Academy
  • Prasads Multiplex/Mall Prasads IMAX
  • Prasad Panavision
  • DCE DubaI
  • DCE Singapore and
  • Prasad Corp USA.


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