Al Amarat

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Al ‘Āmrāt
Al Amirat
Al ‘Āmrāt is located in Oman
Al ‘Āmrāt
Al ‘Āmrāt
Location in Oman
Coordinates: 23°31′27″N 58°29′56″E / 23.52417°N 58.49889°E / 23.52417; 58.49889Coordinates: 23°31′27″N 58°29′56″E / 23.52417°N 58.49889°E / 23.52417; 58.49889
Country  Oman
Governorate Muscat Governorate
Population (2017)
 • Total 70,000
Time zone Oman Standard Time (UTC+4)

Al ‘Āmrāt (Arabic: العامرات‎‎) or Al Amirat is a city in Muscat, in northeastern Oman.[1]

Al Amarat is the fourth most populated city in Muscat Governorate after As Seeb and Bawshar and Mutrah.[citation needed]

Al Amarat is categorized as a Wilayat with its own Wali (Mayer) office, municipality, police station, and government offices.


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