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The Al Mannai (Arabic: المناعي‎‎) tribe (plural: Al Mananea (Arabic: المنانعة‎‎)) is an Arab tribe, based primarily in the Arab states of the Persian Gulf. In Bahrain, the traditional home of the tribe has been Galali village. The tribe used to be involved in the lucrative pearl diving industry.

Al Mannai tribes are located in the whole Persian Gulf area, especially in Qatar and Bahrain.

Al Mannai today has many known tribes, such as:

  • Al-Binejmy
  • Al-Hashel
  • Al-Salam
  • Al-Ibrahim
  • Al-Najam
  • Al-Salah
  • Al-Hamad
  • Al-Khamis
  • Al-Najim

The Mannai family brought out other family names such as Attiyah(Arabic: عطية‎‎) .

The mother of Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, the former Emir of Qatar, is from the Attiyah family.

In Qatar, the Al Mannai were historically based in the village of Abu Dhalouf. J. G. Lorimer, a British historian, stated that in 1978 the village was inhabited by 70 families of the Al Mannai tribe.[1]


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