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Alam (Pronounced : AA'LUM) is Arabic and Urdu word "عالم" meaning "World" or "Universe" or "Dimension" e.g. used as "عالم غيب" (Alam-ul-Ghaib) meaning the unseen dimension, or unseen world or energy realm.

Its plural is "عالمين" (Pronounced : "AA'LA-MEEN") meaning "Worlds" or "Multi-verse" or "Multiple-Dimensions".

(English transcription of another arabic word "علم" should be distinguished here. Depending upon the arabic vowel used, when pronounced "ILM" it means "Knowledge", and when pronounced as "ALUM" means a leader's sign that may represent a team or country in the form of a flag.)

Alam is used as a Surname and Family name in several countries[edit]


Several notable people share the surname "Alam":


  • Alam Channa (1953–1998), son of Nasir Channa of Dhoke Kashmirian was the world's tallest living man at 232.4 cm (7 ft 7 inch) high. During his life he had been billed at various heights of up to 7 ft 6 while working at a circus
  • Alam Khattak, HI(M), TBt, is a Pakistan Army general who is the present Commander of Southern Command based at Quetta. He took over the command in October 2011 after staying as Chief of Logistics Staff (CLS) at the Army GHQ for two years
  • Alam Gull Kuchi, Afghan politician, the parliamentary representative of the Kuchi nomads in the Wolesi Jirga
  • Alam Lohar (1928–1979), prominent Punjabi folk music from the Punjab region of Pakistan, formerly British India. He is credited with popularising the musical term Jugni
  • Alam Muzaffarnagari (1901–1969), real name Muhammad Ishaaq, was born in Muzaffarnagar, a city in Uttar Pradesh



  • Alam Al Yawm, an Arabic 18-page newspaper published in Kuwait. The paper has an independent and moderate stance
  • Alam El Phan, an Egyptian media group based in Cairo that supervises, manages, and produces Arabic music records and motion pictures. The company also runs the record label and TV station Mazzika, and the TV station Mazzika Zoom (Formerly ZOOM). It is distributed by EMI Arabia
  • Alam Ara, a 1931 film directed by Ardeshir Irani. It was the first Indian sound film
  • Alam Kala
  • Alam-Kuh, - Mount Alam - is a mountain in the Alborz mountain range in the north of Iran, Mazandaran Province, forming a peak of the Takht-e Suleyman Massif
  • Alam Melayu
  • Alam Saray
  • Alam Simsim, an Arabic language Egyptian-made adaptation of the format used in the children's television series Sesame Street. Alam Simsim is Arabic for "Sesame World"
  • Alam el Halfa
  • Alam ol Hoda

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