Alapayevsk narrow-gauge railway

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Alapayevsk narrow-gauge railway
Native nameАлапаевская узкоколейная железная дорога
TypeNarrow gauge railway
LocaleSverdlovsk Oblast, Russia
Operator(s)МУП «АУЖД»
Line length250 kilometres (160 mi)
Track gauge750 mm (2 ft 5 12 in)
Route map
Схема АУЖД.png

The Alapayevsk narrow-gauge railway (Russian: Алапаевская узкоколейная железная дорога, АУЖД) is a Russian narrow-gauge railway with a track gauge of 750 mm (2 ft 5 12 in). The Head Office of the narrow-gauge railway is located in Alapayevsk, Sverdlovsk Oblast. Coordinates: 57°50′50″N 61°40′21″E / 57.84731°N 61.67245°E / 57.84731; 61.67245


The first section of the railway (Alapayevsk–Mugay) commenced operations in July 1898. Construction was undertaken by French businessman A.Illero. The railway had a maximum length of about 600 kilometres (370 mi) in the 1970s, though estimates vary.[citation needed][1]

Current status[edit]

At present only 250 kilometres (160 mi) of the railway is operational. Current operations include passenger traffic and general goods movement. The railway operates a scheduled passenger service from Alapaevsk. The railway is the primary means of communication for seven rural settlements in the Alapaevsk District: Elnichnaya; Garaninka; Strokinka; Berezovka; Muratkovo; Sankin and Kalach. Principal cargoes include wood, food, postal services and fuel.[2]

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