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Albacora class submarine Ghazi (S-134), former Portuguese Navy Cachalote (S-165)
Albacora class submarine Ghazi (S-134), former Portuguese Navy Cachalote (S-165)
Class overview
Name: Albacora
Builders: Ateliers Dubigeòn-Normándie
Preceded by: Neptuno class submarines
Succeeded by: Tridente class submarines
In commission: 1967 - 2010
Completed: 4
Retired: 4
Preserved: 1
General characteristics
  • 860 tons surfaced
  • 1,043 tons submerged
Length: 57.8 meters
Beam: 6.8 meters
Draught: 5.2 meters
  • Diesel-electric, two shafts, 2,450Cv/Hp
  • 2 × S.E.M.T. Pielstick (12 PA4 185)
  • 2 × AREVA electric alternate
  • Submerged: 16 kn (30 km/h)
  • Surfaced: 13.5 knots (25.0 km/h)
Range: Surfaced: 5,000 km at 12 knots (22 km/h)
Complement: 54
Armament: 12 × 21.7 inch DaphneTT-550 torpedo tubes (8 bow, 4 stern), 12 torpedoes

The Albacora class is diesel-electric attack submarine (SSK) developed for the Portuguese Navy based on the French Daphné class submarine.

In 1964, the Portuguese government ordered the construction of four of this class at the Dubigeòn-Normándie Shipyard to create the 4th submarine flotilla.

With the first submarine commissioned on October 1, 1967, the Portuguese Navy started to have a submarine able to operate in both coastal and oceanic zones, especially in the Portuguese exclusive economic zone.

The last Albacora class submarine in service, the NRP Barracuda, made its final mission in 2010. The class was replaced by two Type 214/209PN submarines.


Country Pennant Name Completed Commissioned Decommissioned
Pakistan Navy S134 PNS Ghazi (former NRP Cachalote) 1969 Acquired 1975 2006
Portuguese Navy S163 NRP Albacora 1967 October 1, 1967 2000
S164 NRP Barracuda 1968 May 4, 1968 2010
S165 NRP Cachalote 1969 January 25, 1969 1975 (Transferred)
S166 NRP Delfim 1969 October 1, 1969 2005

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