Albanian horse

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Conservation statusFAO (2007): not at risk[1]: 2 
Other namesAlbanian: Kali shqiptar
Country of originAlbania
  • Male:
    average 304 kg (670 lb)[3]
  • Female:
    average 260 kg (570 lb)[3]
    • mountain type: 127–130 cm[2]: 433  (12.2–12.3 hands)
    • Myzeqeja type: 132–142 cm[2]: 433  (13–14 hands)
  • Male:
    average 140 cm[3] (13.3 hands)
  • Female:
    average 136 cm[3] (13.1 hands)
Colourdark colours or grey

The Albanian (Albanian: Kali Shqiptar) is the only indigenous horse breed in Albania. It is a small horse, and similar to other Balkan horses. Two types are distinguished, a mountain type and a lowland type, which may be called "Myzeqeja" after the lowland Myzeqeja region.[4]: 11 [2]: 433 


Before the communist era in Albania, the Albanian horse had a good reputation for endurance and stamina. From 1904 Arab stock was used for cross-breeding;[4]: 11  Haflinger and Nonius stock was later used.[2]: 433 


The horse was until recently the principal means of transport in the country, which had no tractors: it was thus essential to the national economy. Horses were used by the Albanian military until 1974. The Albanian horse is used almost exclusively in harness or as a pack animal, and only occasionally for riding.[4]: 11 


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