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All-American Association
No. of teams6 (Total)
CountryUnited States
Baton Rouge Blue Marlins (1)
Most titlesBaton Rouge Blue Marlins (1)

The All-American Association was an independent minor league that existed in the southern United States in 2001. Total attendance in 2001 was 200,970. The league folded after the end of the season and four of the league's six teams joined other leagues. The Fort Worth Cats and Tyler Roughnecks joined the Central Baseball League (Tyler relocated to Jackson, Mississippi in January 2002 and became the Jackson Senators). The Baton Rouge Blue Marlins (renamed "River Bats") and Montgomery Wings joined the Southeastern League.

2001 Teams[edit]

Team City Stadium Manager Attendance
Albany Alligators Albany, Georgia Paul Eames Sports Complex Tom Waelchli
Eddie Dixon
Baton Rouge Blue Marlins Baton Rouge, Louisiana Pete Goldsby Field Scott Bethea 16,616
Fort Worth Cats Fort Worth, Texas Lon Goldstein Field Jim Gentile 50,426
Montgomery Wings Montgomery, Alabama Paterson Field Lou Thornton 78,069
Tennessee T's Winchester, Tennessee Loel E. Bennett Stadium Jay Hemond 10,343
Tyler Roughnecks Tyler, Texas Mike Carter Field Steve Maddock 18,973

2001 Final Standings[edit]

Baton Rouge Blue Marlins 44 28 .611 --
Albany Alligators 41 31 .569 3
Tyler Roughnecks 40 32 .556 4
Fort Worth Cats 37 35 .514 7
Montgomery Wings 34 38 .472 10
Tennessee T's 20 52 .278 24

2001 Post-Season[edit]

Semifinals (best-of-3)

  • Baton Rouge defeated Fort Worth, 2 games to 0
  • Albany defeated Tyler, 2 games to 1

2001 All-American Association Championship Series (best-of-5)

  • Baton Rouge defeated Albany, 3 games to 2

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