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Albela was a Pakistani actor and comedian. Albela died of a heart failure at age 63 in Lahore on July 16, 2004.[1] He is survived by a wife, two sons and 7 daughters. Born in Gojra, Punjab, Pakistan in 1941, Albela came to Lahore at a very young age to become an actor. He performed in numerous films, television and theater plays in his career spanning over 50 years. Some of his hit Punjabi films were Bharia Mela (1966), Baoo Ji (1968) and Ishq Nachaway Gali Gali (1984).[2][3]


  • Kali Meri Pagg Tey Gulabi Shalwar Jee (Albela with Masood Rana, song from film Allah Ditta (1988)), music by M Ashraf
  • Ik Wadh Gaya Hor Zanana Sheikh Javed Warga (Albela with A Nayyar, Javed Sheikh, song from film Siren).


Title Released Language
Ik Madari 1973 Punjabi
Rustam Tey Khan 1983 Punjabi
Jagga Tay Shera 1984 Punjabi
Silsila 1987 Punjabi
Roti 1988 Punjabi
Sarmaya 1990 Punjabi

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