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The Albergue Olímpico German Rieckehoff Sampayo or Olympic Hostel is an athletic training and recreational center located in Salinas, Puerto Rico. It is the most complete sports center in Puerto Rico used by professional athletes and by the general public for health, educational, and recreational activities.[1]

It has a territorial expansion of 1,500 acres (6.1 km2) and has 17 sports installations. Among these: multiple use courts, baseball complex, aquatic complex, tennis complex, gyms and different sports halls.[1] They are all used for training by the different sports federation of the Puerto Rico Olympic Committee, and the only residential, sports-focused public school in Puerto Rico, the Escuela de la Comunidad Especializada en Deportes en el Albergue Olímpico (ECEDAO), by individual professionals, national and international sports associations and others. The Albergue also has water parks, an aviary, a botanical garden, playgrounds and the Puerto Rican Sports Museum.[1] The museum houses the tomb holding the remains of legendary Puerto Rico Olympic leader Germán Rieckehoff Sampayo and his wife, Irma.

The Albergue, which opened in 1985, hosted the Shooting competitions for the 2010 Central American and Caribbean Games.[2] There are two Conference Halls and a Sport Library that bear Rafael Pont Flores's name.[3][4]


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