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Albert Cornelius Knudson
Born January 23, 1873
Grand Meadow, Minnesota
Died August 28, 1953(1953-08-28) (aged 80)
Cambridge, Massachusetts
Education University of Minnesota and Boston University
Occupation Christian theologian
Employer Boston University School of Theology

Albert Cornelius Knudson (January 23, 1873 – August 28, 1953) was a Christian theologian in the Methodist tradition, associated with Boston University and the school of liberal theology known as Boston personalism. [1] [2]


Albert Cornelius Knudson was born in Grand Meadow, Minnesota. He was the son of Rev. Asle Knudson (1844-1939) and Synnove (Fosse) Knudsen (1842-1916), both of whom were immigrants from Norway. The family subsequently moved to Saint Paul, Minnesota. Rev Asle Knudson regularly traveled by train to Grand Meadow to minister at the Danish-Norwegian Methodist Church until shortly before his death in 1939. [3] [4]

Albert Knudson studied at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis (A.B. 1893) and Boston University (S.T.B. 1896, Ph.D. 1900). He attended Jena University and Berlin University (honorary Th.D. 1923). After teaching briefly at the University of Denver and Baker University, Baldwin City, Kansas and at Allegheny College, Meadville, Pennsylvania, he began his long career in Boston University where he later became dean of the Boston University School of Theology (1926-1938). [5]

Personal life[edit]

Albert Knudson was married to Mathilde Johnson (1872–1948) in 1899. He died on August 28, 1953 at his home in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Selected works[edit]

  • The Old Testament Problem (1908)
  • Present Tendencies in Religious Thought (1924)
  • The Philosophy of Personalism: A Study in the Metaphysics of Religion (1927)
  • The Beacon Lights of Prophecy: An Interpretation of Amos Hosea, Isiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel and Deutero-Isiah (1929)
  • The Doctrine of God (1930)
  • The Doctrine of Redemption (1933)
  • The Validity of Religious Experience (The Fondren lectures) (1937)
  • The Principles of Christian Ethics (1943)
  • Personalism in Theology with Edgar Sheffield Brightman (1943)
  • Basic Issues in Christian Thought (1950)


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