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Alex Bein

Alex Bein (Hebrew: אלכסנדר ביין) (born Alexander Bein on 21 January 1903, Steinach an der Saale in Bavaria, southern Germany; died 20 June 1988, Stockholm) was a Jewish scholar in Jewish culture and history, one of the founders of Zionist historiography. He is best known for his biography of Theodor Herzl.[1]

Since 1933 he was resident of Jerusalem.[1]

Alex Bein was director of the Central Zionist Archives and the first State Archivist of Israel.[1]

In recognition of his research, Bein was awarded the Israel Prize in 1987 for Zionist historiography.[1][2]

Published works[edit]

  • Alex Bein (1980) Die Judenfrage : Biogr. e. Weltproblems (2 volumes) Stuttgart : Deutsche Verlags-Anstalt
  • Alex Bein (1952) "The Return to the Soil: a History of Jewish Settlement in Israel" (Translated from the Hebrew by Israel Schen)
  • Alex Bein (1949) "Israel's Charter of Freedom"
  • Aleks Bain (1945) Toldot ha-hityashvut ha-Tsiyonit mi-teḳufat Hertsel ṿe-ʻad yamenu
  • Alex Bein (1939) "Der Zionismus und sein Werk"
  • Alex Bein (1934) "Theodor Herzl; Biographie. mit 63 Bildern und einer Ahnentafel."
    • Alex Bein, Maurice Samuel (translatior), (1941) "Theodore Herzl: A Biography of the Founder of the Modern Zionism"


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