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Alex Chandon
Born Alex Chandon
(1968-11-03) 3 November 1968 (age 49)
North London
United Kingdom
Occupation Actor, director, producer, screenwriter, digital artist

Alex Chandon (born 3 November 1968 in North London) is a film director, writer and digital artist.[1]


Directing career[edit]

His early films, Drillbit and Bad Karma, featured many musicians from the UK anarcho punk scene, notably Ben Bethell, Dan MacCintyre, William 'Bill' Corbett from The Apostles and Julian Portinari from Pallor.[2]

Cradle of Fear[edit]

His highest-profile release to date is Cradle of Fear,[3] starring Dani Filth in a leading role, and other members of Cradle of Filth in cameo appearances.[4]


Chandon was once known primarily for specialising in straight-to-video micro-budget horror films, but his latest projects, especially Borderline (2006), featuring music by The Dark Poets, show a more mature side to his work.[5] Borderline has now been chosen for the British Film Institute's National Archive.[6]


Chandon directed the £1,000,000 project Inbred,[7] which was shot in July 2010 in the market town of Thirsk.[8] The script for the black comedy horror film was co-written by Paul Shrimpton.[9]


Chandon's short Teleportal,[10] the script for which was adapted from Paul Shrimpton, was made into a short film. The short premiered on 16 September 2009[11] and was released as segment of the anthology film Zombieworld in February 2015 on DVD.[12]

Music videos[edit]

Chandon's relationship with Cradle of Filth has also produced music videos for the songs "From the Cradle to Enslave", "No Time to Cry" and "Her Ghost in the Fog", as well as documentaries on their DVDs PanDaemonAeon and Heavy, Left-handed and Candid.[13]


Year Film Credited as
Director Producer Screenwriter Actor Film editor Cinematography Role
1982 Nightmare Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
1988 Chainsaw Scumfuck Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
1989 Bad Manor Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
1991 Bad Karma Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Shape Shifter
1992 Drillbit Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes
1997 Night Pastor Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Pervirella Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Savage Dynamite
1998 Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels No No No No No No Art Department
Cradle of Filth: Pandaemonaeon Yes No No No No No Co-Director
Siamese Cop No No Yes No No No
Witchcraft X: Mistress of the Craft No No No Yes No No Agent Roberts
2000 Peaches No No Yes No No No Storyboards
2001 Cradle of Fear Yes Yes Yes No No No
2003 The Sick Room No No Yes No No No
2005 BV-01 No No No Yes No No Voice-Over
2006 Borderline Yes No Yes No No No
2007 Gerry Judah Yes No Yes No No No
Slash Hive No No No No No No Digital FX
2008 The Bill No No No No No No Digital FX
Neon Killer No No No No No No Digital FX
Comedy Lab - Peter Slater No No No No No No Digital FX
2011 Inbred Yes Yes No No No No

Music videos[edit]

Year Title
1999 "From the Cradle to Enslave" by Cradle of Filth
2000 "Her Ghost in the Fog" by Cradle of Filth
2001 "Born in a Burial Gown" by Cradle of Filth
"No Time to Cry" by Cradle of Filth
"Scorched Earth Erotica" by Cradle of Filth
2007 "Insect" by Mainstream Distortion
2008 "KONFAB" by Runonsentence
2010 "Its So Cold" by The Dark Poets
"Endless Zoom" by The Dark Poets
"Sarah's Tribute to Oscar Wilde" by The Dark Poets


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