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Alex Isle is an Australian author. He writes both novels and short stories in the science fiction/fantasy genre, as well as books and articles of nonfiction, for both adult and young adult (YA) audiences.

In 2014 Isle changed his name from Susan to Alex to reflect a gender identity change and adopted the male pronouns. Publications before 2014 are under the name Sue Isle.[1]

Isle's books include the 1996 YA novel Scale of Dragon, Tooth of Wolf,[2] about a rebellious teen in an alternate-world 16th century joining a group of sorceresses, and nonfiction children's book Wolf Children : the real feral kids : an extraordinary story (1998), as well as a collection of post-apocalyptic stories set in Perth, "Nightsiders", published in 2011.[3] Isle has sold numerous stories to publications such as Aurealis, Orb, ASIM, Agog, Sword and Sorceress, Tales of the Unanticipated [USA] and Shiny, a YA fiction magazine. Isle's other interests include history, science fiction conventions, roleplay gaming, gardening and working out how best to turn his hometown into a post-apocalypse scenario.[citation needed]



  • Nightsiders (collection of theme fiction) (2011)
  • Scale of Dragon, Tooth of Wolf (1996)
  • Wolf Children (1998)

Short fiction[edit]

Some of these stories may be found at:


  • Dogs Who Are Wolves (1998) in School Magazine Reprinted 2016.
  • Worldcon (2000) in Write Away Magazine (Fremantle Arts Centre)
  • The Wolf Girls (2001) in School Magazine
  • Roleplaying for Authors (2001) in Write Away Magazine
  • Why Science Fiction Isn’t Scary (2002) in Write Away Magazine
  • Kept by Rats (2002) in Pets, Vets and People
  • A Person, More or Less Wicked (2003 in Fables and Reflections Easter 2003

Awards and nominations[edit]

Aurealis Awards[5]

Ditmar Awards[5]


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