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Alex Quilici is an American engineer and businessman.

Quilici graduated from the University of California, Berkeley and received a PhD in computer science from UCLA. From 1991 to 1999 he was a freelance technical consultant and faculty member at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa.[1][2]

Quilici was co-founder of the Pittsburgh-based voice portal infrastructure company Quackware with Steven Woods and Jeromy Carriere. Quilici helped bring from a start-up with three founders to a company that employed 125 professionals in the first 18 months. In 1999 it became and moved to Silicon Valley, and in September 2000 was acquired by America Online, eventually becoming AOLbyPhone. Quilici joined AOL as a VP as part of the acquisition, and founded the AOL voice services division at AOL.[3] Quilici was a member of the board of directors of NeoEdge Networks.

Quilici's six-year tenure as a vice-president with America Online had been a vital one to the company as a whole. Quilici had been integral to creating and growing America Online's voice services. Quilici helped America Online acquire one million paying customers for their voice services yielding fifty million dollars annually in revenue. Quilici had been made the Vice President and Chief Product Officer of America Online by Phone.

Quilici became a professor of Electrical Engineering at the University of Hawaii at Manoa before joining NeoEdge Networks and being a director for Youmail Inc. in April 2007. Quilici currently serves on the Strategic Advisory Board member of Jefferson Partners and also a member of the Tech Coast Angels.

Quilici has extensive experience in the tech industry and helping the industry as a whole develop new products and technology. He is known for his ability to bring heightened research while keeping user practicalities. Quilici has set a precedent by using Artificial Intelligence to solve software problems in products.[4]

Quilici joined YouMail as its CEO in 2007.[5][6]


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