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Alexander Westerman
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Homage to David Bowie
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OccupationCreative Director
Spouse(s)David Gleason

Alexander Westerman is an American creative director based in Los Angeles.

He began his career as an art director in 1991. Where he studied at Ithaca College and New York University.

He is an executive creative director at OpusLA In 2016.[1]


Westerman started out as a prop master and art director. Westerman's experience ranges from television to movie and theater productions. He was an executive in charge of development at Bona Dea Productions, a production executive of The Weissberger Theatre Group, and an assistant to producer Fred Zollo for one year. In 2000, Westerman left his job at Disney to found a start-up called RadicalZoo.[2] RadicalZoo was to be a destination for independent filmmakers.[3]

Alex Westerman, an energetic former art director who on an impulse had quit a job working for a children's television show to found a Website called RadicalZoo...envisioned the site as a kind of artists' commune in cyberspace, a home for filmmakers and musicians who wouldn't necessarily be heard in mainstream media.

Chris Erikson, The New York Times [3]

RadicalZoo folded in 2003. Westerman joined the staff of Nickelodeon in 2004 and went on to create award-winning sites and applications for the company. Westerman lead the team that created Nicktropolis the award-winning and much loved virtual world. In 2009, Westerman left Nickelodeon to become Creative Director Worldwide Marketing and Communications for Mattel.

In 2007-2008, Westerman created an Adobe Air application as an Adobe launch partner. The application was the first game to be created using the air runtime. The game allows users to engage in a scavenger hunt, collecting jig saw puzzle pieces and assemble and solve the puzzle offline in the Air runtime.[4]

In 2012 Westerman joined Guthy-Renker as head of digital creative.

In 2015 Westerman joined Spark Networks as head of creative.[5]

Westerman is also the publisher of a popular amusement park and roller coaster website; ThrillNetwork is large community dedicated to provide news and information about the amusement park industry. The site contains one of the most comprehensive databases of statistical data on almost every park and ride in the world.

Personal life[edit]

In the spring of 2014, Westerman married David Gleason, senior vice president of research for E! and Esquire Network.[6][7]

Early work[edit]

Westerman's background is diverse. He was classically trained as a ballet dancer studying at The School of American Ballet in New York. While attending Ithaca College, he choreographed ballets for the dance school, two of which were critical successes: La Belle et la Bete [8] and Flight of Icarus.[9][10] In 1989 Burt Supree of the Village Voice reviewed Westerman's performance and choreography as a member of The Saga Dance Company.

Westerman caresses a wooden office chair, then balances tilted across it and another chair. He flexes his feet as a little joke, sensitively fondles the skinny chromium leg of the second chair, and, standing, smoothly swings his legs over the chair backs That small, reticent solo was lovely, the most coherent moment of the evening.

Burt Supree, The Village Voice  [11]

At Nickelodeon Westerman served as Production Director of Nicktropolis. Nicktropolis is Nickelodeon's massively multiplayer online game and massively multiplayer online role-playing game that is part of[12]

Transformers Game - A Transformers Game and area, based on the popular Hasbro toys, is being developed. Teams will compete for Nickpoints and prizes. Game players will have to choose which team to join, evil DECEPTICONS or the noble AUTOBOTS? These two opposing teams will battle it out for control of the elusive Energon Cubes. The area will contain brand new rooms, features, and gameplay, this is sure to be the next evolution of games in Nicktropolis.[13]

Involvement with REDCAT Theater[edit]

In 2017 Westerman accepted a position on the REDCAT (Roy and Edna Disney/CalArts Theater) COUNCIL having served as a Circle member from 2010-2017.[14] As a council member Westerman has presented the following productions: Christiane Jatahy: What if they went to Moscow?[15] The Wooster Group: THE B-SIDE: “Negro Folklore from Texas State Prisons" A Record Album Interpretation,[16] A PINK CHAIR (In Place of a Fake Antique),[17] Wallace Shawn's The Designated Mourner,[18] The Room by Harold Pinter[19] and The Town Hall Affair.[20]

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