Alexander Fyodorovich Avdeyev

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Alexander Fyodorovich Avdeyev
Born 5 August 1916
Bolshaya Talinka, Tambov Governorate
Died 12 August 1942(1942-08-12) (aged 25)
Allegiance  Soviet Union
Awards Hero of the Soviet Union Order of Lenin

Alexandr Fyodorovich Avdeev (Russian: Александр Фёдорович Авдеев; 5 August 1916 – 12 August 1942) was a Soviet fighter ace of World War II with 13 victories claimed. He participated in the Soviet-Finnish War (1939–1940) (Winter War). He was awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union on 10 February 1943.

Early life[edit]

He was born in the village of Bolshaya Talinka in Tambov Governorate. In the 1930s his family had to move to Lyublino (now a district of Moscow). There he has graduated from factory-and-workshop school and worked as a metalworker in a foundry. After work he attended an Air club in Podolsk. In 1938 he joined the army and attended the Borisoglebsk Military Air College.

World War II[edit]

From the beginning of the German-Soviet War he served on the Leningrad Front with 153 IAP as a Leytenant and was later promoted to Starshiy Leytenant and Flight commander. In 1941 he claimed 7 victories in 189 missions. Piloting a Polikarpov I-153 biplane, he shot down a future high-scoring German ace Lt. Walter Nowotny of JG 54 over Saaremaa on 19 July 1941 in Bf 109 E-7 (W.Nr. 1137) “White 2” over Riga Bay. In that fight Avdeev's plane was also shot down and he subsequently spent a month in hospital due to injuries sustained during the crash.

In August 1942 he served as a P-39 Airacobra pilot on the Voronezh Front. On 12 August 1942 he was the first Airacobra pilot who used a ramming attack to down an opponent. His victim was possibly Fw. Franz Schulte of 6./JG 77, an ace with 46 victories. Both pilots were later buried in Novaya Usman', a village near Voronezh.

Avdeev was awarded the Order of Lenin, the Order of the Red Banner, the Order of the Red Star.

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