Alexander Kruber

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Alexander Kruber

Alexander Alexandrovich Kruber (Russian: Александр Александрович Крубер; August 22 [O.S. August 8] 1871 – December 15, 1941) was a Soviet geographer, professor, the founder of the Russian and Soviet karstology.

Alexander Kruber was born in Istra (formerly Voskresensk), Russia. He graduated from the Moscow University in 1897. He became chairman of the Geography Department of the Moscow University in 1919 and director of the Scientific Research Institute of Geography during 1923-1927. Since 1927 he could no longer work due to grave health problems.

He studied karst structures of the East European Plain, Crimea, and Caucasus.

A mountain ridge on the Iturup Island (Kruber Ridge), a carst cavity in the Karabi-Yayla Plateau (Караби-яйла), Crimea, and a karst cave in Caucasus (Krubera-Voronya Cave) are named after him.


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