Alexander Lake (southcentral Alaska)

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Alexander Lake (Alaska)
Location Matanuska-Susitna Borough, Alaska
Coordinates 61°44′57″N 150°54′11″W / 61.74917°N 150.90306°W / 61.74917; -150.90306 (Alexander Lake (Alaska))Coordinates: 61°44′57″N 150°54′11″W / 61.74917°N 150.90306°W / 61.74917; -150.90306 (Alexander Lake (Alaska))[1]
Primary outflows Alexander Creek (Susitna River)[1]
Basin countries United States of America
Max. length 2.5 miles (4.0 km)[1]
Surface elevation 138 feet (42 m)[1]
References [1]

Alexander Lake is a lake in South Central Alaska, located at head of Alexander Creek (Susitna River), 46 miles (74 km) North of Tyonek, Alaska on Cook Inlet Low.[1]


Alexander Creek (Susitna River) in turn drains into Cook Inlet on the Pacific Ocean.[1]

Natural history[edit]

According to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, Alexander Lake is known by Alaskan Natives for its Tree Squirrel population, calling it "Deldida Bena", (Tree Squirrel Lake).[2]


Alexander Lake reported in 1926 by Capps (1935, pl. 1), United States Geological Survey.[1]


Probably derived from Alexander Creek (Susitna River) which drains the lake.[1]

Alexander Lake is also known as Deldida Bena ("Tree Squirrel Lake") by Alaska Natives.[2]

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