Alexander Carragh Mac Dhòmhnaill, 5th of Dunnyveg

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Alexander Carragh Mac Dhòmhnaill, or Alexander MacDonald, 5th lord of Dunnyveg, alive c. 1480-1538.


He was the son of John Cathanach MacDonald, 4th of Dunnyveg and Cecillia Savage, daughter of the Lord of the Ardes.

After his father and brothers were executed on the Boroughmuir (now Burgh Muir) in 1499, Alexander fled to Ireland. In 1532 Alexander and a force of Gallóglaigh fought the English in Ireland.[1] Alexander died at Stirling while on a visit to King James V of Scotland in 1538 and is buried there.


By his wife, Catherine, daughter of John Macdonald of Ardnamurchan and Helen Campbell, their children were:


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