Alexander Malevinsky

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Alexander Malevinsky
Country  Soviet Union
Born (1950-02-26)February 26, 1950
Died 2004

Alexander Malevinsky (Russian: Александр Александрович Малевинский; 26 February 1950 - 2004) was a Russian chess master who won the Baltic Chess Championship in 1986.


In 1975 became in Soviet chess master. Participated in the RSFSR Chess Championship finals. The best results - 7th place in 1976[1] and 10th place in 1980.[2] In 1980 played for the Russian team "Lokomotiv" in the Soviet Team Chess Cup (+1-2=4). Malevinsky lived in Kaliningrad and has been a frequent guest on Baltic chess tournaments. In 1986 in the Estonia town Haapsalu he shared 1st place with Alexander Shabalov and Edvins Kengis in the Baltic Chess Championship.[3] Also participated in Lithuanian Chess Championships and Latvian Chess Championships. The best result in Lithuanian Chess Championship was shared 2nd place with Oleg Dementiev in 1977.[4] The best result in Latvian Chess Championship was the 3rd place in 1975.[5] In the last years of his life Malevinsky due to family discord left active chess player running. In 2004 autumn he died in hospital after a fight - related injuries.[6]


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