Alexandru Coconul

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Alexandru Coconul
  • Prince of Wallachia
  • Prince of Moldavia
  • 1623–1627 (Wallachia)
  • 1629–1630 (Moldavia)
Predecessor Radu Mihnea
Successor Moise Movilă
Died 1632 (1633)
  • Ruxandra Beglitzi
Father Radu Mihnea
Mother Arghira Minetti

Alexandru Coconul (died 1632) was Hospodar and Voivode of Wallachia from 1623 to 1627 and Hospodar of Moldavia from 1629 to 1630.[1] He was the son of Radu Mihnea, who also was a Hospodar. He married Ruxandra Beglitzi. He was the last of Vlad the Impaler's Romanian bloodline.[2] He died on June 26, 1632 in Istanbul. It is possible that Radu Gioan Bey was his illegitimate son, however no documents reveal a legitimate heir.


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Alexandru Coconul
Cadet branch of the House of Basarab
Preceded by
Radu Mihnea
Prince/Voivode of Wallachia
Succeeded by
Alexandru Iliaș
Preceded by
Miron Barnovschi-Movilă
Prince/Voivode of Moldavia
Succeeded by
Moise Movilă