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The Alfred Thayer Mahan Award for Literary Achievement is awarded each year by the Navy League of the United States. The award is named for an American naval historian and theorist, Rear Admiral Alfred Thayer Mahan, United States Navy who, through his writing, provided stimulus and guidance to those who share in the defense of the nation. Presented since 1957, "this award for literary achievement is awarded to a U.S. Navy officer, U.S. Marine Corps officer, enlisted service member, or civilian who has made a notable literary contribution that has advanced the knowledge of the importance of sea power in the United States."[1]

List of award winners[edit]

The following is a complete list of award winners.

Year Recipient
1957 Commander Malcolm W. Cagle, USN
1958 Commander Frank A. Manson, USN
1959 Hanson W. Baldwin
1960 Brigadier General James D. Hittle, USMC
1961 Rear Admiral Samuel Eliot Morison, USNR
1962 Captain Carl H. Amme, Jr., USN
1963 No Award
1964 George Fielding Eliot
1965 Rear Admiral George H. Miller, USN
1966 Rear Admiral James F. Calvert, USN
1967 Rear Admiral Ernest M. Eller, USN (ret.)
1968 Colonel Robert Debs Heinl, USMC
1969 Commander John Joseph O'Connor, CHC, USN
1970 Frank Uhlig, Jr.
1971 Commander James A. Barber, USN
1972 Lieutenant Colonel Donald K. Cliff, USMC
1973 John G. Morris
1974 Captain Sayer A. Swarztrauber, USN
1975 Commander Thomas B. Buell, USN
1976 Norman Polmar
1977 Professor E. B. Potter, U.S. Naval Academy
1978 Dr. Robert Seager II
1979 Lieutenant Colonel Robert C. McFarlane, USMC
1980 Captain Edward L. Beach, Jr., USN
1981 Commander Thomas B. Buell, USN (Ret.)
1982 Vice Admiral William P. Mack, USN
1983 Rear Admiral Max K. Morris, USN (Ret.)
1984 No Award
1985 Lieutenant General Victor H. Krulak, USMC (Ret.)
1986 Commander James John Tritten, USN
1987 L. Edgar Prina
1988 Dr. Jack Sweetman
1989 Lieutenant Commander Thomas J. Cutler, USN
1990 Tom Clancy
1991 Dr. John T. Mason, Jr.
1992 Lieutenant Commander Terry C. Pierce, USN
1993 Captain George Victor Galdorisi, USN, and Mr. Alec Lorimore
1994 Paul Stillwell
1995 Lieutenant Colonel Henry Thomas Hayden, USMC
1996 Colonel Joseph H. Alexander, USMC (Ret.)
1997 Mr. James W. Crawley
1998 Captain Richard C. Knott, USN (Ret.)
1999 Captain Eugene T. Gomulka, USN, and Mr. Frank J. Gaffney, Jr.
2000 Captain Edward L. Beach, Jr., USN (ret.)
2001 Brigadier General Edwin H. Simmons, USMC (Ret.)
2002 Colonel John Grider Miller, USMC (ret.)
2003 Lieutenant Commander David A. Adams, USN
2004 Captain Sam J. Tangredi, USN
2005 Commander John J. Klein, USN
2006 Intelligence Specialist First Class Thomas J. Miller, USN
2007 Commander Henry J. Hendrix, USN
2008 Admiral James L. Holloway III, USN (Ret.)
2009 Professor John Hattendorf, U.S. Naval War College
2010 Commander James Kraska, JAGC, USN, U.S. Naval War College
2011 Admiral James Stavridis, USN
2012 Sergeant John Jakeb Hawley, USMC
2013 Lieutenant Commander Benjamin "BJ" Armstrong, USN
2014 Lieutenant Joseph M. Hatfield, USN
2015 Major Edward H. Carpenter, USMC
2016 Captain Christopher H. Sharman, USN


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