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Algerism may refer to:

Algerism as literary and political statement[edit]

Refers to statements or remarks made about politics or sociology, extolling what the authors see as virtues of the fiction of Horatio Alger, whose "rags-to-riches" social Darwinist narratives of usually white, young, Christian men of good character, but poor circumstances, who pull themselves up from poverty to prosperity, were a quintessential tale of American capitalist prosperity that was a hallmark of 19th century industrialist culture. See also: Horatio Alger myth

Algerism as military scandal[edit]

Refers to Secretary of War Russell A. Alger and the United States Army beef scandal during the Spanish–American War in specific, but thereafter became common parlance in military circles for any military financial scandal that, through short-cuts or substitutions of shoddy material, brings harm to a nation's own military personnel and/or results in political scandal.

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