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Alhierd Baharevich
Alhierd Bacharevič.jpg
Native name
Альгерд Бахарэвіч Alhierd Bacharevič
Born (1975-01-31) January 31, 1975 (age 44)
Minsk, Belarus
Occupationwriter, translator
Alma materMaxim Tank Belarusian State Pedagogical University
Home townMinsk
Years active1993-present
Childrendaughter Uljana
Relatives1st spouse: Ksienija Baharevič (Brečka); 2nd spouse: Julija Cimafiejeva [be] (2013-present)

Alhierd Baharevich (Belarusian: Альгерд Бахарэвіч, Alhierd Bacharevič in Belarusian Łacinka; born 31 January 1975 in Minsk) is a Belarusian writer and translator (his actual first name is Aljeh (Алег) [1]). In 1997 he graduated from the Philological Faculty of the Belarusian Pedagogical University in Minsk. Afterward, Bacharevič worked as a teacher of Belarusian and then as a journalist. His first texts were published in 1993. In the 1990s, he was one of the founders of the Belarusian literary and artistic avantgarde group Bum-Bam-Lit.[2][3][4] In 1998, this group published the now cult anthology of their poetry, namely, Tazik biełaruski ('The Belarusian Basin').[5] At that time Bacharevič married Ksienija Brečka (Ксенія Брэчка).[6] They have one daughter, Uljana (Ульяна).[7] Between 2007 and 2013, Bacharevič lived in Hamburg, Germany.[8] In 2013, he returned to Minsk and married the Belarusian translator and poet, Julia Cimafiejeva (Юля Цімафеева Yulya Tsimafeyeva).[9] Now they live in the Belarusian capital and cooperate in the field of Belarusian literature and culture.[10][11][12]

Writing career[edit]

Alhierd Bacharevič is the leading Belarusian-language author of novels, including the novels Magpie on the Gallows (Сарока на шыбеніцы, 2009), and Šabany: The Story of One Disappearance (Шабаны. Гісторыя аднаго зьнікненьня, 2012), Alindarka’s Children (Дзеці Аліндаркі, 2014), or White Fly, Murderer of Men (Белая муха, забойца мужчын, 2015). The publishing house Lohvinaŭ published an over 900-page novel in six parts Dogs of Europe (Сабакі Эўропы, 2017), which is deemed to be the writer's opus magnum. The novel received in Belarus the Book of the Year award and was noted in Belarus with the independent Reader's Prize and the second Jerzy Gedroyc Prize. In 2019, the Moscow publishing house Vremia published the Russian translation of this novel (Собаки Европы).

The works by Alhierd Bacharevič were translated into English, French, German, Czech, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Slovene, Russian, Polish, Lithuanian. In 2008, a collection by Alhierd Bacharevič's selected stories was translated into Polish “Talent do jąkania się”. In 2010, in Leipzig, the novel Magpie on the Gallows was published in German in the translation by Thomas Weiler. In 2015, the story of Bakharevich The Talent of Stuttering was included in the anthology of the best European short prose “Best European Fiction”. In 2017, the Small Medical Encyclopedia by Bacharevič was published in Polish in the Lublin Warsztaty Kultury publishing house (translated by Mira Luksha). In 2018, the novel Children of Alindarki was published by the publishing house "Le ver a soie" in the French translation of Alena Lapatnoiva.

Alhierd Bacharevič translated the fairy tale The Cold Heart by Wilhelm Hauff, which was published at the end of 2009 under one cover with an independent work entitled The Translator's Afterword. Translated from the German language, individual works of the brothers Grimm, Franz Kafka, G. G. Evers, poems by Hans Enzensberger and other modern German poets and the novel by the modern German writer Kathrin Schmidt You will not die. He took part in the Berlin Literary Colloquium, the Theater Festival in Lublin (Poland), the Literary Festivals Vilenica (Slovenia), the Lesefest Osteuropa (Leipzig, Germany), The Month of Author Reading in Brno, international literary festivals in Sweden, Ukraine, Lithuania, Czech Republic and others. He has performed at international book fairs in Frankfurt, Leipzig, Warsaw, Lviv, Minsk. In 2014, he represented Belarus at the International European Writers Conference in Berlin.

In 2012, after the members' angry reaction to the publication of Alhierd Bacharevič's essay The Dark Past of Kayan Lupaki on Janka Kupała in 2011,[13] he left the Union of Belarusian Writers. He had been a member of this Union since 2006.[14][15][16] Bacharevič is a member of the Belarusian PEN Club.

In 2015, a performance was staged on the Small Stage of the Yanka Kupala State Theater based on the novel Šabany by Alhierd Bacharevič.[17]


  • 2002 - Практычны дапаможнік па руйнаваньні гарадоў. Проза, 1997-2001 Praktyčny dapamožnik pa rujnavańni haradoŭ. Proza, 1997-2001 [A Practical Guide to Ruining Cities: Stories, 1997-2001]. St Petersburg: Run' and Vilnius: OOO Nevskii prostor. ISBN 5-94716-012-9[18]
  • 2003 - Натуральная афарбоўка. Раман і апавяданні Naturalnaja afarboŭka. Raman i apaviadanni [Natural Dye: A Novel and Stories]. Miensk: Lohvinaŭ. ISBN 985-6701-22-8
  • 2006 - Ніякай літасьці Валянціне Г. Апавяданні Nijakaj litaści Valiancinie H. Apaviadanni [No Mercy for Valiancina H.: Stories]. Miensk: Lohvinaŭ. ISBN 985-6800-09-9
  • 2008 - Праклятыя госьці сталіцы Prakliatyja hości stalicy [Damned Guests of the Capital]. Miensk: Lohvinaŭ. ISBN 978-985-6800-68-2
  • 2008 - Talent do jąkania się / Талент заіканьня [Talent for Stuttering] (a bilingual collection of short stories in Belarusian and Polish translation). Wrocław: Kolegium Europy Wschodniej im. Jana Nowaka-Jeziorańskiego. ISBN 978-83-89185-80-8
  • 2009 - Сарока на шыбеніцы Saroka na šybienicy [Magpie on the Gallows]. Miensk: Lohvinaŭ. ISBN 978-985-6901-08-2
    • German translation: Die Elster auf dem Galgen [translated from the Belarusian by Thomas Weiler] (Ser: Neue Prosa Osteuropa-Bibliothek). 2010. Leipzig: Leipziger Literaturverlag. ISBN 9783866601048[19][20][21]
  • 2009 - Introduction to and the Belarusian translation from the German of Халоднае сэрца: казка Chałodnaje serca: kazka [Das kalte Herz / The Cold Heart] by Вільгельм Гаўф Wilhelm Hauff. Miensk: Halijafy. ISBN 978-985-6906-30-8
  • 2011 - Малая мэдычная энцыкляпэдыя Бахарэвіча Malaja medyčnaja encykliapedyja Bachareviča [Bacharevič's Small Medical Encyclopedia]. Prague: Radyjo Svaboda. ISBN 978-0-929849-40-9
    • Polish translation: Mały leksykon medyczny według Bacharewicza [translated by Mirosława Łuksza]. Lublin: Warsztaty Kultury. ISBN 9788364375224
  • 2012 - Шабаны. Гісторыя аднаго зьнікненьня Šabany. Historyja adnaho źniknieńnia [Šabany: The Story of One Disappearance]. Miensk: Halijafy. ISBN 978-985-6906-68-1 (2nd edition in 2015, ISBN 978-985-7140-03-9)
  • 2012 – Гамбурскі рахунак Бахарэвіча Hamburski rachunak Bachareviča [Bacharevič's Hamburg Account]. Prague: Radyjo Svaboda and Miensk: Lohvinaŭ. ISBN 978-0-929849-50-8 and 978-985-562-012-0
  • 2014 - Каляндар Бахарэвіча Kaliandar Bachareviča [Bacharevič's Calendar]. Prague: Radyjo Svaboda. ISBN 978-0-929849-64-5
  • 2014 - Ніякай літасьці Альгерду Б. Nijakaj litaści Alhierdu B. [No Mercy for Alhierd B.]. Miensk: Halijafy. ISBN 978-985-7021-51-2
  • 2014 - Дзеці Аліндаркі Dzieci Alindarki [Alindarka's Children]. Miensk: Halijafy. ISBN 978-985-7021-71-0[22]
    • French translation: Les enfants d'Alendrier [translated from the Belarusian by Alena Lapatniova] (Ser: 200 000 signes). 2018. Les Essarts-le-Roi: le Ver à soie-Virginie Symaniec éditrice. ISBN 9791092364316[23]
  • 2015 - Белая муха, забойца мужчын Biełaja mucha, zabojca mužčyn [White Fly, Men Killer]. Miensk: Halijafy. ISBN 978-985-7140-07-7[24]
    • Russian translation: Белая муха, убийца мужчин Belaia mukha, ubiitsa muzhchin [translated from the Belarusian by Alhierd Bacharevič]. 2017. Miensk: Halijafy. ISBN 9789857140312
  • 2016 - Бэзавы і чорны. Парыж праз акуляры беларускай літаратуры Bezavy i čorny. Paryž praz akuliary biełaruskaj litaratury [Lilac and Black: Paris Through the Prism of Belarusian Literature]. Miensk: Zimcier Kołas. ISBN 978-985-7164-24-0
  • 2017 - Сабакі Эўропы Sabaki Eŭropy [Dogs of Europe]. Vilnius: Lohvinaŭ. ISBN 978-609-8213-21-8[25][26][27][28][29]
    • Russian translation: Собаки Европы Sobaki Evropy [translated from the Belarusian by Alhierd Bacharevič] (Ser: Samoe vremia!). 2019. Moscow: Vremia. ISBN 978-5-9691-1836-2[30][31]
  • 2018 - Мае дзевяностыя Maje dzievianostyja [My 1990s]. Miensk: A. M. Januškievič. ISBN 978-985-7165-89-6[32][33]

Bacharevič's Translations[edit]

  • 2009 - Халоднае сэрца: казка Chałodnaje serca: kazka [Das kalte Herz / The Cold Heart] by Вільгельм Гаўф Wilhelm Hauff. Miensk: BiełTonMedyja. NB: E-book & audiobook. ISBN 978-985-6906-30-8. Translation of Wilhelm Hauff. Das kalte Herz.
  • 2011 - Ты не памрэш Ty nie pamreš [You Will Not Die]. Miensk: Makbeł. ISBN 978-985-6347-76-7. Translation of Kathrin Schmidt. Du stirbst nicht. Cologne: Kiepenheuer & Witsch.
  • 2015 - Халоднае сэрца: казка Chałodnaje serca: kazka [Das kalte Herz / The Cold Heart] by Вільгельм Гаўф Wilhelm Hauff. Miensk: Knihazbor. ISBN 978-985-7119-62-2. Translation of Wilhelm Hauff. Das kalte Herz.
  • 2017 - Белая муха, убийца мужчин Belaia mukha, ubiitsa muzhchin [White Fly, Men Killer]. Miensk: Halijafy. ISBN 9789857140312. Translation of Alhierd Bacharevič. Белая муха, забойца мужчын Biełaja mucha, zabojca mužčyn. Miensk: Halijafy.
  • 2019 - Собаки Европы Sobaki Evropy [Dogs of Europe]. Moscow: Vremia. ISBN 978-5-9691-1836-2. Translation of Alhierd Bacharevič. Сабакі Эўропы Sabaki Eŭropy [Dogs of Europe]. Vilnius: Lohvinaŭ.[34]


  • Winner of the 2002 award "Hliniany Viales" (Clay Wreath), for the collection of stories Практычны дапаможнік па руйнаваньні гарадоў. Проза, 1997-2001 Praktyčny dapamožnik pa rujnavańni haradoŭ. Proza, 1997-2001 [A Practical Guide to Ruining Cities: Stories, 1997-2001][35]
  • Winner of the “Book of the Year 2012: Jerzy Giedroyc Literary Award: Second Place”, for the collection of essays Малая мэдычная энцыкляпэдыя Бахарэвіча Malaja medyčnaja encykliapedyja Bachareviča [Bacharevič's Small Medical Encyclopedia][36]
  • Winner of the “Book of the Year 2013: Jerzy Giedroyc Literary Award: Second Place”, for the collections of essays on Belarusian literature and writers Гамбурскі рахунак Бахарэвіча Hamburski rachunak Bachareviča [Bacharevič's Hamburg Account][37][circular reference][38]
  • Winner of the Belarusian PEN Center's[39][circular reference] award "Book of the Year 2014", for the novel Дзеці Аліндаркі Dzieci Alindarki [Alindarka's Children].[40]
  • Winner of the “Book of the Year 2015: Jerzy Giedroyc Literary Award: Third Place”, for the novel Дзеці Аліндаркі Dzieci Alindarki [Alindarka's Children].[41]
  • Winner of the Belarusian PEN Center's award "Book of the Year 2017", for the novel Сабакі Эўропы Sabaki Eŭropy [Dogs of Europe][42]
  • Winner of the award "Book of the Year 2018: Jerzy Giedroyc Literary Award: Second Place", for the novel Сабакі Эўропы Sabaki Eŭropy [Dogs of Europe].[43]
  • Readers' Prize (2018) for the novel Сабакі Эўропы Sabaki Eŭropy [Dogs of Europe][44][45]

Creative writing fellowships[edit]

  • IHAG (Internationales Haus der AutorInnen, Graz, Austria), 2006[46]
  • German PEN Center, Writers in Exile Grant, 2008-2011[47]
  • Heinrich Böll Foundation, 2011[48][49]
  • Baltic Writers and Translators Center, Visby
  • Institut Français, Center International de Recollets, 2016[50]
  • Literarisches Colloquium Berlin, 2018[51]


In the 1990s he was the founder and vocalist of the first Belarusian-language punk band Pravakacyja ('Provocation').[52][circular reference][53][54]


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