Ali Jaleel

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Ali Jaleel
Ali Jaleel, Maldivian terrorist.
Ali Jaleel, Maldivian terrorist.
Born 1979
Male, Maldives
Died 27 May 2009 (aged 30)
Lahore, Pakistan
Nationality Maldives
Other names Musab Sayyid
Known for Terrorism

Ali Jaleel (1979-2009) was a citizen of the Maldive Islands who is reported to have died as a suicide bomber.[1][2][3] He is reported[by whom?] to have attacked the Inter-Service Intelligence Directorate headquarters in Lahore, Pakistan on 27 May 2009. A martyr video was broadcast on YouTube and other similar sites in the fall of 2009.

Pakistani accounts from the time of the attack say the three attackers who were killed, were unidentified.[4] Subsequently a martyr video, and an interview established Ali Jaleel was one of the bombers.[5]

Ali Jaleel, and two other Maldive citizens were captured in 2006, on suspicion they were attempting to travel to Pakistan for underground military training.[6] He was convicted of preaching without a license in December 2006.[5] He was sentenced to two years house arrest on December 26, 2006. According to Haveeru Online, he violated his house arrest and was sentenced to four months of banishment on February 8, 2008.


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