Ali minaret

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Ali minaret
Ali Minaret.jpg
مناره علی
Ali minaret is located in Iran
Ali minaret
Shown within Iran
Basic information
LocationIsfahan, Iran
Geographic coordinates32°39′56″N 51°40′59″E / 32.665514°N 51.682972°E / 32.665514; 51.682972Coordinates: 32°39′56″N 51°40′59″E / 32.665514°N 51.682972°E / 32.665514; 51.682972
Architectural description
Architectural typeMinaret
Architectural styleRazi
Height (max)52m
Minaret height52m

Ali minaret (Persian: مناره علی‎) is a historical minaret in Isfahan, Iran. It is close to the Ali mosque. This minaret is the oldest minaret in Isfahan, which dates back to the 11th century. This minaret is 52 metres (171 ft) in height and is the second highest historical minaret in Isfahan after the Sarban minaret. It is said that this minaret was originally 54 metres (177 ft), but its height has been decreased 2 metres (6 ft 7 in) in the course of time. There are four inscriptions on the Ali minaret. One of the inscriptions is made of brick and the others are made of ceramic.[1]

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