Chehel Dokhtaran minaret

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Chehel Dokhtaran minaret
مناره چهل دختر.jpg
Chehel Dokhtaran minaret is located in Iran
Chehel Dokhtaran minaret
Shown within Iran
Basic information
Location Jouybareh district, Isfahan, Iran
Geographic coordinates 32°39′54″N 51°42′08″E / 32.665°N 51.702222°E / 32.665; 51.702222Coordinates: 32°39′54″N 51°42′08″E / 32.665°N 51.702222°E / 32.665; 51.702222
Municipality Isfahan
Province Isfahan
Architectural description
Architectural type Minaret
Architectural style Razi
Completed 1112
Height (max) 21 m

Chehel Dokhtaran minaret (Persian: مناره چهل دختران‎) is a historical minaret in Isfahan, Iran. It is located in the Jouybareh district of Isfahan. According to the kufic inscription on the minaret, it is built in 1112. It is the fifth oldest minaret in Iran, which has an inscription. There's a big window on the minaret, which faces the qibla. This feature does not exist in other minarets of Isfahan. There is a spiral staircase in the minaret, which leads to the top of it. This minaret is 21 meters high. The minaret had been originally higher, but in the course of time, its height has been decreased. The minaret towers over the city quarter and can be seen from the far distance, but it is difficult to reach it through the mazes of winding alleys and narrow streets.[1]


Chehel Dokhtaran in Persian means ' forty girls'. The origin of its meaning is unknown. The number 'forty' in the Iranian culture is used for exaggerating. Maybe there was once a building beside it, which pertained exclusive to women and it does not exist any more. The people of the Neighborhood call this minaret also Garland minaret. Garland was a British religious missionary, who came to Iran in the early 20th century and worked near the minaret.[1]


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