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Alicia P. Magos is an anthropologist and a professor emerita of University of the Philippines Visayas. She had extensive and published works on the culture of Western Visayas especially on the Panay Bukidnon. She was a UNESCO International Literary Research Awardee and 1999 Metrobank Ten Outstanduing Teacher [1]


She received her M.A in Anthropology from University of the Philippines Diliman in 1978 and later her Doctor of Philosophy in Philippine Studies in 1986 from the same university.

Works on Sugidanon[edit]

Dr. Magos started her work on the Sugidanon (to tell), the epics of Panay in 1992 through a grant from the French government. She first recorded two epics from a shaman chanter named Anggoran (Christian name Preciosa “Susa” Caballero). In 1994, she further studied the extent of epic dissemination in Central Panay and discovered a total of 10 epics. The epics are the following: Tikun Kadlom, Amburukay, Derikaryong Pada, Balanakon, Kalampay, Pahagunong, Sinagnayan, Humadapnon sa Tarangban, Nagburuhisan, and Alayaw.[2]

Works on binukot[edit]

Dr. Magos first inquired into the phenomenon of the binukot from a socio-political perspective when she studied extensively the ma-aram (Babaylan) tradition in Antique.[3]

Published works[edit]

  • Magos, Alicia P. (1994). "The Concept of Mari-it in Panaynon Maritime Worldview in Visayan Fisherfolks". VMAS, CSSP, UP Diliman. I. 
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  • Magos, Alicia P. (1995–1996). Ethnography of Calinaw, Iloilo (Tribal Community). Quezon City: UP/ERP-DECS/BNFE. 
  • Magos, Alicia P. (1995–1996). Ethnography of Magdalena, Iloilo (Hacienda Type Community). Quezon City: UP/ERP-DECS/BNFE. ISBN 971-622-005-7. 


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