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Alister Spence
Occupation(s)Musician, composer
Associated actsLloyd Swanton, Toby Hall, Wanderlust, Australian Art Orchestra, Clarion Fracture Zone

Alister Spence is an Australian jazz pianist and composer.

Spence leads the Alister Spence Trio with Lloyd Swanton and Toby Hall. They were nominated for the ARIA Award for Best Jazz Album in 2004 for Flux and in 2007 for Mercury.[1]

Bands and artists he has recorded with include the Raymond MacDonald International Big Band,[2] Clarion Fracture Zone, Wanderlust, Australian Art Orchestra, Andrew Robson, and Carl Orr.

He was a composer for numerous Ivan Sen films including Journey, Tears, Vanish, Wind, Dust, Shifting Shelter, Yellow Fella, A Sister’s Love and Beneath Clouds. For the latter Sen and Spence were nominated for the 2002 AFI Award for Best Original Music Score[3] and the FCCA Award for Best Music Score. Other films he has composed for include Molly and Mobarak, Dakiyarr versus the King, Spirit Stones, and In My Father’s Country.


Alister Spence Trio

  • Three is a Circle (2000) - Rufus
  • Flux (2003) - Rufus[4][5]
  • Mercury (2006) - Rufus[6]
  • fit (2009)
  • Far Flung (2012) - Rufus[7]
  • Alister Spence Trio: Live (2015)
  • Not everything but enough (2017)

Alister Spence / Raymond MacDonald

  • Stepping Between The Shadows (2012)
  • Sound Hotel (2018)

Sensaround (Alister Spence, Raymond MacDonald and Shoeb Ahmad)

  • Isotropes (2014)
  • Travelogue (2016) - hellosQuare[8]

Alister Spence and Myra Melford

  • Everything Here Is Possible (2014)

Alister Spence / Joe Williamson / Christoher Cantillo

  • Begin (2015)


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