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Aljadidah (Arabic: الجديدة, al-Dschadīda, literally "The new one") is an international news network mainly targeting an Arabic audience and publishing news in Arabic and German. It was founded in 2011[1] by IOT Media GmbH, a media company based in Vienna, Austria. The company is active in the audio, visual, print and digital media domain and cooperating with other national and international media companies[2] such as the German public broadcaster Deutsche Welle.[3] Aljadidah is the first Austrian online magazine for Arabic women.[1]


The online journal covers news ranging from politics, economy and technology to literature, women and youth matters from all over the world,[4] while primarily focusing on the Arab region. is a forum for pluralistic opinions and debate, supervised by a group of journalists with professional experience in the media field. Additionally, televised news reports are produced on a weekly basis in the IOT Media studios. A hardcover edition of is published regularly and distributed in international political, economic and cultural organizations and institutions throughout Austria and the Arab world.


Aljadidah supports the transnational Anti-Drug Online Project MayaPlanet, beside other famous supporters such as Kofi Annan, Dalai Lama XIV and Elton John.[5]


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