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Allah Bukhsh Karim Bukhsh Brohi
Allah Bukhsh Karim Bukhsh Brohi.jpg
Born 1916
Sindh, British India
Died September 1987
London, England
Other names A K Brohi
Spouse(s) Khulsoom Brohi
Relatives there daughters

Allah Bukhsh Karim Bukhsh Brohi (Urdu: الله بخش کریم بخش بروہی‎; Sindhi: الھ بخش ڪريم بخش بروھي‎ known as A.K. Brohi) was a prominent Pakistani politician and lawyer. Originating from Shikarpur in Sindh, his sister Husn Afroze was married to veteran politician Qaim Ali Shah, but died of breast cancer in 1971.[1] He is the first partner, and mentor of famous Indian lawyer Ram Jethmalani as acknowledged in his authorized biography. He also served as the High Commissioner of Pakistan in India from 1 February 1960 to 31 March 1961.

Brohi has written a long "preface" (13 pp.) of the book of brigadier general S. K. Malik (i. e. Malik ul-Khan) The Quranic Concept of War (1979), a manual of the brigadier's impression of military tactics from early Islamic times, which has been reprinted in Pakistan and India.[2]

He was a scholar and author affiliated with the Traditionalist School of metaphysics (more precisely René Guénon, Frithjof Schuon and Martin Lings).[3]

His younger brother Ali Ahmad Brohi, who died in 2003, was also a writer and scholar, more particularly on Sindhi culture.

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