Allare Allari

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Allare Allari
Directed byMuppalaneni Shiva
Produced bySK Basheed
Written byAditya Chopra
StarringAllari Naresh
Venu Thottempudi
Parvati Melton
Mallika Kapoor
Music byChakri
Edited byK.Ramesh
Release date
20 December 2006
Running time
145 minutes

Allare Allari is a 2006 Telugu film starring Allari Naresh and Venu Thottempudi.


Ramulamma kills two of the three people who have murdered her husband. She takes promise from Bapineedu, her younger brother, that her daughter Priya should be taken care and get married to Anand and that her nephew Anand has to study well. The Kurnool district magistrate court awards life-time punishment to her.

Anand studies medicine and becomes a cardiologist. He stays in a flat at Brindavan Apartments. The daughter of Sutti velu attempts suicide and gets admitted in Anand's hospital. Anand learns that she is pregnant and was deceived by a guy whose marriage is taking place on that day. Anand sees to it that the guy marries Velu's daughter in the registrar's office on the same day. Swapna demands Anand to pay Seven lakhs as her marriage got cancelled due to Anand. Swapna and her father takes a flat on rent in the apartments where Dr. Anand resides. On one occasion, Anand sees Swapna in her bathroom. Swapna's father and other residents in that apartment demands that Anand shall marry Swapna. Anand tells to them about the promise his father made to Ramulamma. He agrees to marry Swathi through registered marriage.

Veera Babu works as a watchman in Brindavan Apartments. Anand treats him as a good friend. At the scheduled time, Anand had to attend an emergency case and hence could not turn up at the registrar's office. About the same time, Anand receives phone call from Bapi Reddy that Anand has to receive Ramulamma at the Central Jail as she is getting released. Anand goes to Registrar office in search of Swapna and finds Veera Babu there. Both Anand and Veera Raju goes to central jail to receive Ramulamma. As Veera Babu is in a well-tailored costly suit, Ramulamma believes that Veera Babu is her nephew. Few twists and turns lead to Anand marrying Swapna while Veera Babu marrying Priya with approval of Ramulamma.


Venu Thottempudi ... Dr. Anand
Allari Naresh ... Veera Babu
Parvati Melton ... Swathi
Mallika Kapoor ... Priya
Telangana Shakuntala ... Pulicherla Ramulamma
Chalapathi Rao ... Bapineedu
Jeeva ... C I Puliraju
Raghu Babu ... Paidi Raju
Dharmavarapu Subrahmanyam
M S Narayana
Mallikarjuna Rao
Krishna Bhagavan
Giri Babu
Ananth Babu
Gautam Raju