Alle tiders kupp

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Alle tiders kupp
Directed by Øyvind Vennerød
Written by Øyvind Vennerød
Jørn Ording
Starring Rolf Just Nilsen
Arne Bang-Hansen
Henki Kolstad
Inger Marie Andersen
Release date
17 August 1964
Running time
87 minutes
Country Norway
Language Norwegian

Alle tiders kupp is a 1964 Norwegian comedy film directed by Øyvind Vennerød, starring Rolf Just Nilsen, Arne Bang-Hansen, Henki Kolstad and Inger Marie Andersen. Three men rob an outlet of the government owned alcoholic beverage retailer Vinmonopolet. They then run into problems getting rid of the 50,000 bottles of liquor they have stolen.

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