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Allen Blairman (born August 13, 1940, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) is an American jazz drummer best known for his performing and recording with Albert Ayler and Mal Waldron.


Allen Blairmann

In 1968 Blairman moved from Pittsburgh to New York, where he worked with Charles Mingus, Chet Baker and Archie Shepp. In 1970 he played with Albert Ayler at the Fondation Maeght in France. In 1972 he toured throughout Europe with Karl Berger. He recorded with Mal Waldron for Enja, and with Albert Mangelsdorff. In 1976 Allen Blairman played with a German Jazz rock groupe called Embryo. In France he collaborated with Bireli Lagrene. In 1991 he recorded "Life at the Montreux Music Festival" in trio-formation with Günter Lenz and Uli Lenz.


  • Blue and Sentimental - 2017 with Olaf Schoenborn
  • Nuits de la Fondation Maeght - 1970 with Albert Ayler
  • Spontaneous - 1971 with Albert Mangelsdorff and Masahiko Sato
  • Live on the Riviera - 1971 with A. Ayler
  • Holy Ghost with A. Ayler (only CD 7 (4 tracks))
  • With Silence - 1972 with Karl Berger
  • We are You - 1972 with Karl Berger
  • A Touch of the Blues - 1972 (Enja) with Mal Waldron
  • Hard Talk - 1974 (Enja) with Mal Waldron
  • Swing 81 - 1981 with Bireli Lagrene
  • Four for Jazz (Casino Rec.) - 2000
  • Like Back in the Days - 2005[1]
  • FourTet (Beatonal Studio) - 2005


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