Alleppy Coir

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Alleppy Coir refers to the Coir products made in Ambalappuzha and Cherthala Taluks of Alappuzha district, in the state of Kerala, India. Coir production of this region dates back to as early as 1859. The World Trade Organization (WTO) granted Geographical Indication status to “Alleppey Coir” in 2007. [1]

Main Products[edit]

  • Coir Bed
  • Coir Mat
  • Coir Carpet


The first coir factory in India at Alleppey Darragh Smail & Company was established in 1859 by an Irish American entrepreneur James Darragh. Coir was called Cocoa Mats in American English and Darragh Smail & Co. Ltd. had their office and salesrooms at 177, Water Street, New York City. [2]