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The Allom Cup regatta is a rowing event held every November (or early December) on the River Thames in London. It is contested by the constituent colleges of the University of London. Imperial College School of Medicine still competes despite Imperial College London separating from the University of London in 2007.

The Allom Cup itself is competed for by senior men's eights. Senior women's eights compete for the Anne Redgrave Cup. There are also intermediate and novice events.

Recent Winners[edit]

Year Allom Cup Redgrave Cup
1949 King's College London[1]
1950 King's College London
1951 University College London
1952 University College London
1954 Imperial College
1955 Imperial College
1979 Imperial College[2]
1998 King's College London
1999 King's College London
2000 King's College London
2001 King's College London
2002 King's College London
2003 King's College London
2004 King's College London
2005 King's College London
2006 King's College London
2007 QMULBC St George's Hospital
2008 University College London (UCL) RUMSBC[3]
2009 St George's Hospital RUMSBC
2010 GKTBC/King's College London
2011 University College London (UCL) ICSM
2012 St George's Hospital RUMSBC
2013 ICSM University College London (UCL)

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