Allyn and Betty Taylor Library

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Allyn and Betty Taylor Library
Type academic library at University of Western Ontario
Criteria for collection Engineering, Science, Health Sciences, Medicine and Dentistry
Website Allyn and Betty Taylor Library
The Allyn and Betty Taylor Library, as seen from Robarts Research Institute

Located in London, Ontario, the Allyn and Betty Taylor Library is the second-largest academic library on the University of Western Ontario campus. It serves the faculties of Engineering, Science, Health Sciences and the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry.[1]

The layout[edit]

The floor plan of the Allyn and Betty Taylor Library.

The library itself is six stories, however, it is laid out in a unique fashion.[citation needed] The main floor (M) contains the service desk, study rooms, as well as many large study tables, and is considered a "normal conversation area". The two lower floors, Ground (G), and Lower Ground (LG), contain upwards of one hundred study cubicles for quiet study, and is considered a "silent area". Both G and LG contain Taylor's collection of periodicals. There are also six floors (S1-S6), which are known collectively as "the stacks", and house the majority of the books.

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Coordinates: 43°00′40″N 81°16′24″W / 43.0111°N 81.2734°W / 43.0111; -81.2734